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There have never been so many women riding bikes as there are today, which is brilliant news.

Just as well, then, that we have never had a such an impressive range of riding gear for women to choose from!

Our approach to creating women’s kit is exactly the same as any other garment, it’s just that the market research, design and fit sampling processes are done with women instead of men!

That should seem obvious but – between you, us and the gatepost – there are still many clothing companies out there with men designing women’s gear as an after-thought to the ‘main menu’.

They take an existing men’s product, pinch the waist seam and swap the colour panels for pink, purple or baby blue… and then wonder why they sell so few!

Check out what we offer and how we’re trying to revolutionise how it is made available….

These are the highest waisted, comfiest riding trousers I’ve ever tried!

@_RubyRides_ On our new Super Leggings 2.0

We have a different approach.

Each garment has its own ‘tech pack’ created from scratch; this is a heavyweight document detailing every material, trim, panel cut, stitch, pantone reference, etc. This is even the case where we create ‘matching’ men’s and women’s versions of a garment, such as the Mondial. The women’s product only shares materials and trims, the rest is different from the ground up.

That ‘tech pack’ document is subject to the same scrutiny regardless of end user; we market research using women’s feedback, design the garments using female designers and female feedback groups and take our samples through the fit process using women (of course!!).

We have developed our own sizing patterns based on a combination of real people from the motorcycle world and a massive amount of data from the world of fashion. Our team brings experience from River Island, Lee Cooper, Paul Smith, Boohoo, Primark, Zara, Calvin Klein and G-Star, among others.

The fact that women make up over 50% of our apparel team is of course also extremely helpful!

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“Oxford Products are seriously killing it with their riding gear …
When the hell did riding gear look so stylish and not even break the bank.”






“Oxford riding gear for me are those staple pieces, the ones that you never leave the house without, can rely on and most importantly… tell all your friends about!”