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Warrior Boots

A full leather riding boot featuring a dual zip system.


Waterproof membrane, Leather Upper, Flexible Padded Instep & Back, Reinforced ankle Protector, Dual full length zips, Reinforced Counter/Shank, Heavy Duty Tread Design, Stretch panels in calf area.

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UK: 7 – 13
EU: 36 – 47


If you don’t like faff, these short boots will be right up your street. Well made, with good stitching, comfort and fit, these Oxford Warrior boots really excel in how you get them off and on. Two full-length zips create a ‘tongue’, and the front of the boot peels forward to permit the easiest insertion and extraction of the foot that I’ve experienced in a long time. Behind the zips the waterproof membrane, which encapsulates the whole boot, forms an expandable and wholly impermeable layer. This means that even though the zips are forward facing any driving rain which may ingress won’t reach your foot. The ease of use these Warrior boots offer when pulling them on extends to the way they can sit beneath any riding trousers or jeans. They are a snug fit around the lower
calf but there are subtle stretch panels to accommodate the chunkiest of lower legs. Of course this short and convenient length does limit the amount of river fording you may do, but if you are planning excessive off-roading you will doubtless want something chunkier and taller anyway. Apart from that you’ll find just about every other facet you’d need: flexible padded instep and heel, reinforced ankle protector and a grippy sole which provides sure-footedness when coming to rest and will suit any amount of walking off the bike as well.
With their tough leather upper and quality zips, one of the most surprising things is the price of these boots. Oxford have managed to produce another sterling product and yet price-match far inferior products.

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