Original Approved Denim AA Jeans

Slim Fit

Single Layer CE Approved Denim Jeans

What if regular jeans offered the same protection as heavy duty riding pants?

Most of our design team ride to work and all struggle to find a trouser which delivers safety whilst riding matched with the comfort and style of a regular jean.

They went out and spent time in motorcycle shops, began asking around, researched what other riders were wearing to work. They listened, learned and realised they weren’t alone.

After months of thoughtful design and material innovation, we have addressed the need to make motorcycle denim better. With the introduction of Oxford’s single layer jeans:

The jeans you want to wear, just got safe.


“Oxford is looking to radically change perceptions” – RiDE Magazine
“First impressions, very impressive” – The Missenden Flyer
“As comfortable as Levis” – The Missenden Flyer
“They just feel like casual jeans” – BSB Racer, Tommy Bridewell

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Leg: 30, 32, 34
Waist: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40


Black, Blue, 2 Year Aged


Regular, Slim


High tenacity polyamide yarn interwovento form Armourlite™ 13.5 oz denim.

armour-lite-construction Original Approved Denim AA Jeans <br> <p>Slim Fit</p>

For Oxford’s Approved Denim, material innovation was a priority; performance denim built specifically for life on two wheels. From new yarn and fibre technologies to new finishes and dying techniques.

After continuous testing, both in the lab and out on the road, we introduce Armourlite™ – highly durable denim that maintains a vintage look and softness; jeans you want to wear.

To do this, we worked with skilled weavers and warpers to include a polyamide fibre into the weave – a hard-wearing material originally developed by the military for parachute cords.

A two-way stretch was added to enhance mobility and comfort. We also included a quick dry technology which draws sweat and increases water repellency.

Technical Specification

Denim-overview Original Approved Denim AA Jeans <br> <p>Slim Fit</p>

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